Yankees Bonus Pool Set for 2019-2020 International Free Agent Period

There is a lot of hype surrounding the 2019-2020 international free agent signing period thanks in large part to several reports linking the Yankees to Jasson Dominguez.  Dominguez, 16, is considered the top prospect in the class by MLB Pipeline, Baseball America, and FanGraphs.

The Yankees will not be able to sign Dominguez until the signing period opens on July 2, 2019, and when it opens, they will have a bonus pool cap of $5,398,300.  Once the signing period opens the Yankees will have the ability to trade for an addition 60% ($3,238,980) of bonus pool space and bring their total to $8,637,280.

The ability to trade for additional bonus pool space will be essential for the Yankees as Dominguez is projected to secure a signing bonus of $5 million.  That would essentially deplete the full bonus pool, preventing them from signing any player for more than $10,000.  According to MLB Pipeline, the Yankees are also connected to Jhon Diaz who is listed as #18 on their top international free agent rankings which would mean they are expecting to trade for additional bonus pool space.

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