Weekly Yankees Prospect Roundup: November , 2014

While there wasn’t a lot of news there was some huge news this week.  Mostly that Baseball America published their top 10 Yankee list.  Josh Norris of BA complied the list and then chatted about it.

Here is the link to the full scouting report in addition to the rankings.  You will need a BA subscription to access.

After looking at the scouting reports you should go to Norris’ chat which was all Yankee related information.  Norris has a ton of connections from his time covering the Trenton Thunder.

For people who just want the list from BA this is what it is.

  1. Luis Severino
  2. Aaron Judge
  3. Jorge Mateo
  4. Greg Bird
  5. Gary Sanche
  6. Ian Clarkin
  7. Rob Refsnyder
  8. Jacob Lindgren
  9. Luis Torrens
  10. Miguel Andujar

While I like seeing what scouts are telling the BA guys one of my favorite guys to read is Chad over at LoHub Yankees.  Here is what he has heard and things about the top 10 Yankee prospects.

Not necessarily Yankee related but definitely could be is this piece from Kiley McDaniels of Fangraphs.  He looks at some of the top July 2nd guys.  While the Yankees can only spend $300,000 on a player they have some of the best International scouts in the business.  Knowing some names is always good even if it’s super early.


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