Top 85 Yankees Prospects

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2018 New York Yankees Top 85 Prospects

PlayerPositionClassAcquiredPP Rank
Gleyber TorresShortstop2013 IFATrade - 7/25/20161
Estevan FlorialOutfielder2014 IFAFREE AGENT2
Justus SheffieldLeft-Handed Pitcher2014 DRAFTTRADE FROM CLE-7/31/20163
Domingo AcevedoRight-Handed Pitcher2012 IFAFree Agent4
Albert AbreuRight-Handed Pitcher2013 IFATrade - 11/17/20165
Chance AdamsRight-Handed Pitcher2015 DraftDraft6
Miguel AndujarThird Baseman2011 IFAFree Agent7
Matt SauerRight-Handed Pitcher2017 DraftDraft8
Thairo EstradaShortstop2012 IFAFree Agent9
Luis MedinaRight-Handed Pitcher2015 IFAFree Agent10
Dillon TateRight-Handed Pitcher2015 DRAFTTRADE FROM TEX-8/1/201611
Freicer PerezRight-Handed Pitcher2014 IFAFree Agent12
Clarke SchmidtRight-Handed Pitcher2017 DraftDraft13
Domingo GermanRight-Handed Pitcher2009 IFATrade - 12/19/201414
Dermis GarciaThird Baseman2014 IFAFree Agent15
Everson PereiraShortstop2017 IFAFree Agent16
Kyle HolderShortstop2015 DraftDraft17
Billy McKinneyOutfielder2013 DraftTrade - 7/25/201618
Cody CarrollRight-Handed Pitcher2015 DRAFTDRAFT19
Trevor StephanRight-Handed Pitcher2017 DraftDraft20
Nolan MartinezRight-Handed Pitcher2016 DraftDraft21
Wilkerman GarciaShortstop2014 IFAFree Agent22
Donny SandsCatcher2015 DraftDraft23
Juan De PaulaRight-Handed Pitcher2014 IFATrade - 8/31/201624
Isiah GilliamOutfielder2015 DraftDraft25
Juan ThenRight-Handed Pitcher2016 IFATrade - 11/18/201726
Jonathan LoaisigaRight-Handed Pitcher-Free Agent 2/9/201627
Glenn OttoRight-Handed Pitcher2017 DraftDraft28
Ezequiel DuranSecond Baseman2017 IFAFree Agent29
Saul TorresCatcher2016 IFAFree Agent30
Kyle HigashiokaCatcher2008 DraftDraft31
Nick NelsonRight-Handed Pitcher2016 DraftDraft32
Canaan SmithOutfielder2017 DraftDraft33
Stephen TarpleyLeft-Handed Pitcher2013 DRAFTTRADE FROM PIT-8/30/201634
Brian KellerRight-Handed Pitcher2016 DRAFTDRAFT35
Josh RogersLeft-Handed Pitcher2015 DRAFTDRAFT36
Jose Mesa Jr.Right-Handed Pitcher--37
JP SearsLeft-Handed Pitcher2017 DraftTrade - 11/18/201738
Chris GittensFirst Baseman2014 DraftDraft39
Steven SensleyOutfielder2017 DraftDraft40
Trey AmburgeyOutfielder2015 DraftDraft41
Zack ZehnerOutfielder2015 DRAFTDRAFT42
Hoy Jun ParkShortstop2014 IFAFree Agent43
Rony GarciaRight-Handed Pitcher2015 IFAFree Agent44
Will CarterRight-Handed Pitcher2015 DRAFTDRAFT46
Abiatal AvelinoSecond Baseman2011 IFAFREE AGENT46
Ryan McBroomFirst Baseman, Outfielder, Right field2014 DRAFTTRADE FROM TOR-7/23/201747
Pablo OlivaresOutfielder2014 IFAFree Agent48
Trevor LaneLeft-Handed Pitcher2016 DraftDraft49
Ben HellerRight-Handed Pitcher2013 DraftTrade - 7/31/201650
Alexander VargasRight-Handed Pitcher2014 IFAFree Agent51
Rashad CrawfordOutfielder2012 DRAFTTRADE FROM CHC-7/25/201652
James ReevesLeft-Handed Pitcher2015 DRAFTDRAFT53
Brody KoernerRight-Handed Pitcher2015 DRAFTDRAFT54
Eric WagamanFirst Baseman2017 DraftDraft55
Michael KingRight-Handed Pitcher2016 DraftTrade - 11/20/201756
Oswaldo CabreraThird Baseman2015 IFAFree Agent57
Mike FordFirst Baseman--58
Deivi GarciaRight-Handed Pitcher2015 IFAFree Agent59
Daniel RamosRight-Handed Pitcher2013 IFAFree Agent60
Jeff HendrixOutfielder-DRAFT61
Mark PaytonOutfielder2014 DraftDraft62
Jio OrozcoRight-Handed Pitcher2015 DraftTrade - 8/31/201663
Diego CastilloShortstop2014 IFAFree Agent64
Giovanny GallegosRight-Handed Pitcher2010 IFAFree Agent65
J.P. FeyereisenRight-Handed Pitcher2014 DraftTrade - 7/31/201666
Anyelo GomezRight-Handed Pitcher--67
Tim LynchFirst Baseman2016 DraftDraft68
Cale CoshowRight-Handed Pitcher2013 DraftDraft69
Ronny RojasShortstop2017 IFAFree Agent70
Jhalan JacksonOutfielder2015 DRAFTDRAFT71
Gosuke KatohThird Baseman2013 DraftDraft72
Junor SotoOutfielder2013 IFARule 5 Draft - 12/14/201773
Nick GreenRight-Handed Pitcher2014 DraftTrade - 8/1/201674
Kaleb OrtRight-Handed Pitcher2016 NDFAFree Agent - 5/16/201775
Gustavo CamperoCatcher2016 IFAFree Agent76
Alexander PalmaOutfielder2012 IFAFree Agent77
Harold CortijoRight-Handed Pitcher2017 DRAFTDRAFT78
Garrett WhitlockRight-Handed Pitcher2017 DraftDraft79
Erik SwansonRight-Handed Pitcher2014 DraftTrade - 8/1/201680
Adonis RosaRight-Handed Pitcher2013 IFAFree Agent81
Brandon WagnerFirst Baseman2015 DraftDraft82
Billy FlemingSecond Baseman2014 NDFAFREE AGENT83
Ben RutaOutfielder2016 DraftDraft84
Dalton LehnenLeft-Handed Pitcher2017 DraftDraft85

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