Pinstriped Prospects Scouting Report: Saul Torres

Player: Saul Torres

Age: 18, February 19, 1999

B/T: R/R

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 190

Affiliate: Pulaski Yankees (Rookie)

Saul Torres (Paul Pagnato III)

OFP: 55

Role: Below average player, role/utility type

Risk Factor: Extreme

MLB ETA: 2022

Saul Torres (Paul Pagnato III)


When asked about Saul’s makeup, his manager Luis Dorante said that Torres is a devout Christian and that “cares and wants to do well. The work that he does every day, he wants to do it. He’s a kid that never says no. He always asks questions and shows intelligence”. So far he is playing the game the typical “Yankee Way”, showing tremendous hustle, work ethic, passion and respect for the game.

Saul Torres (Paul Pagnato III)


Hit – Has a lot of work to do to be able to hit for average. His stride and hands are long causing plenty of swings and misses, coupled with bad contact. Bat is not in the zone for an adequate amount of time. He has struck out 25 times in 58 at-bats for the Pulaski Yankees (rookie) and he currently has a .172 batting average. His career minor league average to date is just .163.

Power – His long stride, uppercut swing, and strength profile Torres as a power-hitting catcher in the future. If given enough at-bats in the major leagues, I don’t think it’s out of the question to see him hit 20 home runs.

Speed/Baserunning – Very athletic but is a below average runner. Won’t steal bases, but won’t be a liability on the base paths either.

Glove – Will be a plus-defender as he matures. He blocks balls very well due to his advanced reads and baseball instincts. He anticipates curveballs, change-ups, etc in the dirt. Definitely shows that he is “baseball smart” by getting good reads and having a feel for the game. Good hands but very stiff in pitch framing, needs to receive the ball better to eliminate passed balls and frame the borderline strikes.

Arm – Plus arm. Throws a sub 2.0 pop time. Very accurate and firm.

Saul Torres (Paul Pagnato III)


The New York Yankees signed Saul Torres on July 2, 2016 as an international non-drafted free agent. Overall, there is a lot to like about the young backstop but there is plenty of work and maturing that needs to occur for him to reach his ceiling. The Yankees sure like what they have seen from Torres thus far and are currently working with the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic native on his shortcomings. He will be better than Austin Romine defensively and have more pop at the plate if he reaches his ceiling. Torres has the tools, hands, and work ethic to be very good but has a lot to learn, especially on the mental side.

Saul Torres (Paul Pagnato III)

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