Pinstriped Prospects Scouting Report: Kyle Holder

Player: Kyle Holder
B/T: L/R
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 185
Affiliate: Tampa Tarpons (High-A)
OFP: 50
Role: Utility
Risk Factor: Low
MLB ETA: 2020


The former first-round draft-pick started making a name for himself in Tampa in 2017, turning his season around despite a slow start. Holder has proven himself useful on and off the field, and thus far there have been no issues


Hit – Very consistent, smooth, and level swing. Can get jumpy and aggressive at times, but has quick enough hands to stay alive in deep counts. Lower half can sometimes go out from under him, and in turn, he tends to lunge when trying to jump on a pitch, thus cutting off any power he could turn into the pitch. Overall could hit for a lower average and turn the ball to opposite field at times, but that will be the extent. His eye needs to improve to balance out some hitting struggles he’ll encounter at higher levels. Though he doesn’t strikeout much, he didn’t draw many walks either.

Power – Holder, has very little power, but he’ll be able to give 3-6 good rides in the majors. His primary focus should be driving the ball for extra-base hits, once that becomes a part of his game he should be able to get those 4-6 good drives.

Speed/Baserunning – His speed isn’t outstanding and in turn neither is his baserunning, but he is a smart defensive player and can make great cutting routes on quick balls whether he is at short, second, or third. He’s able to read the ball well and get good jumps, which makes up for his lack of speed. His main position is shortstop, but he made great plays on the third base line throughout the season.

Glove – Despite his 13 combined errors between the three positions in 2017, Holder has a solid glove. He gets on balls quickly and can recover on tough choppers. Those errors should decrease in 2018.

Arm – Holder has an above-average arm, he just needs to work on accuracy a bit more. Not as glaring as a problem as it may seem, expect his defense to truly come to fruition in 2018.


Holder has a lot of holes he needs to show improvement on this coming season, but in no way is he a lost pick. He showed life at the plate in the second half of the season, and his defense will keep his name floating around the organization. If he can get more drive on his hits, he can be an every-day shortstop or utility player.

Holder relates much to Stephen Drew earlier in his career but without the 10+ home-runs. While he has a future in the MLB, it will not be with the Yankees. Due to a couple of names who already have their tickets in the hat for the infield moving forward. Look for Holder to be traded this season or next.

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