Pinstriped Profile: 14th Round Pick – Harold Cortijo

The Yankees have selected Right handed pitcher Harold Cortijo out of Riverdale Baptist High School in the 14th round. The 19 year old righty is 6’2″, 180 pounds; he is also a right handed batter. As a member of the Varisty squad, Cortijo posted excellent stats on both sides of the ball. Harold played a total of 68 games as a member of the varsity team, it was here that he absolutely dominated on the mound; going 19-1 with a 1.20 ERA. According to maxpreps.com

Cortijo had 23 starts on 27 appearances during his time with the varsity squad as a pitcher. Harold proved himself to be a fine asset through and through, as he struck out 156 batters while only walking 50. Cortijo only let opposing hitters top off at a collective BA of .156 as well, according to maxpreps.com

Harold Cortijo isn’t just coming to the Yankees as a singular weapon, though. The 14th round draft pick also bolstered some great numbers on offense during his time on the varsity team at Riverdale. Harold managed to bat in a big average of .534 on 206 at bats. Cortijo managed to have 110 hits, 73 RBI’s, and 7 home runs in his 68 games with the varsity squad, according to maxpreps.com. For the Yankees, this young pick could prove to be a great threat offensively and defensively. It’ll be interesting to see how the start of his career pans out.

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