New York Yankees: July 2nd Signing Update

July 2nd is usually a day that the Yankees do some good work at.  They are one of the teams that really scout the international markets very well.  This year they can’t do very much.  That reason is because they spent $17 million last year on bonuses and another $15 million in penalties.  In addition to paying those penalties the Yankees can’t sign any players for more then $300,000.  In this market with teams blowing up their pools you aren’t going to get top talent.  Or will you.

Luis Severino the top arm in the system was signed for $225,000.  Jorge Mateo one of the top position players also signed for less than $300,000.  The Yankees have a lot of international scouts and have great relationships with trainers and buscones in these markets.

So far these are the Yankees signings that they have made today as of this writing.

  • Catcher Roberto Espinosa with a $50,000 bonus plus $60,000 scholarship fund.
  • Middle Infielder Brian Jiminez $50,000 bonus.
  • Outfielder Vincio Martinez $50,000 bonus.

I expect the Yankees to actually spend a good amount of their bonus which is a little over $2 million.  The Yankees will spend some on players that aren’t top prospects right now.  But when you are talking about 16 or 17 year old kids things can really change. Signing of Severino wasn’t a big deal but now he is on the cusp of a big league call up.  So while other teams are dropping millions on players doesn’t mean that they are going to pan out for sure.  Our next article on July 2nd will be on what the players signed last year are doing.