MiLB Spring Training Trenton Thunder Game Notes: March 20, 2019


Albert Abreu

  • Fastball touched 97 mph and sat around 95 mph
  • Abreu’s fastball also featured some late life on it, giving it some 2-seam action
  • Delivery was clocked between 1.31 – 1.56 seconds to home with runners on base
  • Threw a handful of changeups and the pitched looked like an average offering
  • Curveball improved as the game progressed, however, struggled with his breaking ball command
  • Faced 13 hitters over his start and walked three, hit one batter, and struck out four
  • Did get 3 hitters to groundout, on soft contact

Garrett Whitlock

  • Velocity: fastball 92-94, changeup 84-87, slider 84-86
  • Delivery was approximately 1.53 to home
  • Showed off a good slider, very sharp/tight pitch
  • Good pace, works quick with good rhythm
  • Appeared to tweak his right ankle in the 5th inning but stayed in the game following a mound visit from his pitching coach and athletic trainer
  • Faced 16 batters over 4.2 innings of work
  • Allowed one hit, struck out four and walked one

Bryan Blanton

  • Velocity: fastball 87-89, slider 83, curveball 76
  • Permitted two hits and one walk over 1.2 innings


Pablo Olivares

  • 0-4 with two swinging strikeouts
  • Clocked at 4.73 from home to first

Brandon Wagner

  • Blasted a two-run home run in the bottom of the 6th inning
  • Homer had an exit velocity of 107 mph

Isiah Gilliam

  • Almost hit another home run in the top of the 3rd inning, but the ball was caught against the left-center field wall
  • Went 1-3 with a hard-hit line drive single up the middle

Donny Sands

  • Cocked at a 1.97 second pop time
  • Went 1-3 with two hard hit balls to center field in his first and second at bats

David Metzgar

  • Entered the game in the 7th inning and recorded a single in his lone at bat

Gustavo Campero

  • Pop time was clocked at 1.89 seconds
  • Had two plate appearances and hit a sac-fly then walked

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