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Midseason Lists Highlight Severino

Luis Severino has started to receive some well deserved hype as both Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus had their midseason top 50 lists hit the internet today.   Both sites do their prospect lists sightly different.  The people at BA will always say that they aren’t scouts.  What they do it talk to scouts and try to get multiple opinions and then report on them.  Baseball Prospectus is different since they have a prospect team who go out and scout players.  Their scouts have been hired by major league teams to scout which is why I hold their opinions in higher esteem.  It also might be that I’ve met a few of them and discuss players with them.


Baseball America had Severino come in on their list at 34 and they said that he is the biggest breakout star for the Yankees.  In the write up you can get here says that Severino has the potential for three above average pitches.  I believe that when people see this they aren’t sure what to make of it.   A pitcher with three above average pitches tend to be a number three starter or mid rotation guy.


Baseball Prospectus had Severino 48th which is surprising mostly because Jason Parks had mentioned I believe on twitter that the Yankees didn’t have any prospects in the top 50.  I do wonder he had gotten a very good report since Severino has been in Tampa.  You can see the full list here.  Again I would definitely read the list to see and read the capsule on Severino.  I trust the guys at BP a lot more then BA.   If Parks and his team have a guy high it’s because they have reports from scouts and their eyes on that player.


Regardless of who you believe Severino is a top 50 prospect and I believe the Yankees might only have two to three more players that would be in the top 100 prospect lists coming out at the end of the year.  Right now thou Severino is clearly their best guy and a very exciting guy to keep our eyes on.

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