[Interview] Yankees 2018 First-Round Pick Anthony Seigler

At the start of the 2018 MLB Draft, there were six prospects in the studio. After the Top-10 picks were made, only three of those players remained available. Two of those players, Anthony Seigler and Triston Cases, were players we at Pinstriped Prospects wrote up before the draft. There was some fear that the Colorado Rockies would take a prep player with the 22nd pick, but they took college lefty pitcher Ryan Rolison. When Commissioner Rob Manfred walked to the podium and announced the Yankees First Round Pick was Anthony Seigler, the local press charged to the dugout where this future Yankee was seated with his family.

After taking pictures with Commissioner Manfred, Anthony Seigler answered some questions from the press. Here is the interview, with him discussing drafted in the first round, and what he is looking forward to as a Yankee prospect:

Q: You got to visit the ballpark today. When you were there, did it enter your mind that this is the team that could take me?

A: Yeah…it did enter my mind. If it happens, it happens

Q: Now that it has come true, what is going through your mind?

A: There is a lot of stuff. I can’t explain it honestly. I’m just really thankful and blessed to be here.

Q: The Yankees have a rich history and tradition with catching, what does that mean to you?

A: I can’t wait to get it started, and get on the field and start playing.

Q: How would you describe it was like when you heard your name to the Yankees

A: It was amazing, and I feel honored. Thank God that I am here

Q: You raised your stock a ton this spring. Did you come in here thinking that being a first round pick was going to happen?

A: It is everybody’s dream to be a first-round pick, so I had that in the back of my mind. I wanted to be a first-round pick, so that helped motivate me this season to show my skills, and do what I did this year.

Anthony Seigler, a catcher from Cartersville High School in Georgia, talks on the phone with a member of the New York Yankees after being selected 23rd by the Yankees during the first round of the Major League Baseball draft Monday, June 4, 2018, in Secaucus, N.J. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Q: Was that Cashman on the phone?

A: No, it was….Damon Oppenheimer. He was excited that I would be able to play for him, and I am very excited to get started

Q: He came to see you a lot in Georgia, right?

A: Yes

Q: Do you remember how many times he was there?

A: Maybe three times

Q: Did you see what the Yankees are doing with their lineup? How excited are you to eventually play with these guys, and meet some of them?

A: I can’t wait. I mean it’s a huge honor

Q: Anybody specific you want to meet?

A: Aaron Judge. It would have to be him. I want to meet him. With how big he is. Being able to see him take BP.

Anthony Seigler (20) while playing for Canes National based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia during the WWBA World Championship at the Roger Dean Complex on October 21, 2017 in Jupiter, Florida. Anthony Seigler is a catcher / pitcher from Cartersville, Georgia who attends Cartersville High School.

Q: Did you feel there was a chance they could take you?

A: I mean, I think there was a chance, but I never get caught up in that stuff. Whatever happens, happens.

Q: Do you profile behind the plate, or do you see yourself moving somewhere else?

A: Probably behind the plate, but if they move me, so be it, as long as I am playing the game I love.

Q: Some of the guys you were with were taken in the Top-10. What was it like waiting, and being taken at 23?

A: I am proud that I was able to talk to them, and get to know them, they are great people. And being in that 23rd pick is such an honor.

Q: Can you talk about these shoes a little bit?

A: Oh, I mean I just went to the mall, and these just caught my eye, so I wanted to get them.

Q: The Yankees had drafted an ambidextrous pitcher in the past, a guy named Pat Venditte. Have you heard of him?

A: Yeah. I have heard of him, but haven’t really kept up with him.

Q: Judge was here too when he got drafted.

A: I do remember that, and got to see some video about that

Q: What made you come to the draft? Was there anything specific that made you come?

A: I mean, why not? You get the invitation. You only get to do this once. There was no doubt to be here.

Q: First time being here. What did you think about it?

A: Oh, I love New York. Great city and there is a lot to do around here.

Q: Everyone that was brought here was able to go to Yankee Stadium, right?

A: Yeah. Everybody went. And Yankee Stadium was amazing.

Q:  Did you ever picture it in your head.

A: Oh yeah, I did. I always wanted to since I was a little boy. I knew the Yankees were a great team, and just being able to put on this jersey, and being able to play with them in the future is a huge honor.

Q: When you walked around the stadium, did you picture getting drafted?

A: Yeah, I wanted it. Just hoping I could get drafted by them, and being able to play with them.

Q: You said you bought the shoes at the mall. Was it for this trip, or was it today?

A: It was like two weeks ago when I knew I was going to come here.

Q: So it was for this?

A: Yes sir, it was, only for this.

Q: Will you cut your hair if they ask you too?

A: Yes sir. Oh yeah. That is fine with me.

Q: Do you expect to go pro, you think?

A: Uh…I mean…I hope to, but whatever happens, happens. God has a future for me, and I will keep it in his hands. And whatever he wants to do with me, he will.