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    GCL Yankees 1 Walk Off With the Victory, Twice

    Winning baseball games is fun, but the walk-off win is arguably the most fun. Two walk-off wins in one day for the same team, then, must be a blast. The Gulf Coast Yankees 1 pulled off that feat on Tuesday.

    Both of the wins for the Yankees 1 came against the Braves, and both games went into extra innings, although each game was scheduled for only seven innings from the start. Both games ended in the bottom of the eighth inning.

    The first game, a 4-3 win for the Yankees 1, ended when catcher Jerry Seitz singled in Victor Rey, who had walked and moved to second on a Leonardo Molina single. It was an 11-hit attack for the Yankees 1, featuring two-hit games from Jordan Barnes, Leonardo Molina, and Donny Sands. Rey scored twice and drove in a run.

    Though he did not get the win, the pitcher of the day for the Yankees 1 was Hobie Harris. He threw four innings of one-hit, no-run relief and struck out six. Harris was followed by 3.1 scoreless innings from Geoff DeGroot and Anthony Marzi (1-0).

    The second game was won on a Luis Sanchez single that scored Bryan Cuevas. It was another 11-hit game for the offense, and every one of them was a single. Sanchez had three of them, as did designated hitter Chris Gittens, and Danienger Perez had two.

    The 3-2 Yankees 1 win was made possible by the relief pitching of Alex Bisacca (2-1), who shut out the Braves for three innings and punched out four.

    There was much less drama involved in the GCL Yankees 2 victory over the Pirates, as they knocked out nine hits for a 6-0 win.

    The big hit for the Yankees 2 came early when center fielder Andy Diaz tripled in three runs in the first inning. Diaz had two hits on the day, as did second baseman Yonauris Rodriguez. One of Rodriguez’s hits was a double, and the Yankees 2 also got doubles from Dermis Garcia and Ozzie Liriano.

    Gilmael Troya, Brandon Stenhouse (2-2), Cameron Pongs, Paddy O’Brien, and Gean Batista combined to shut out the Pirates for eight innings. Troya, the starter, had a terrific outing, striking out seven in 4.2 innings while allowing only two hits.

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