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    Otani’s requests are strange to me . I don’t know if it’s a smoke screen? Isn’t the inquiries by his Agent enough for the teams intentions for him? I don’t see the Yankees being thrilled by such demands. I do know that his signing is causing quite the Hot Stove so far…As in super DULL!!

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    The “homework” assignment was probably the oddest thing I have seen. I know he wants to go someplace that is the right fit for him but I don’t remember the last time a free agent asked an MLB team for an essay on how he is going to be used.

    That being said Ohtani has all the negotiating power in this situation. He doesn’t care about the money.

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    Kevin Smith

    Since his earning potential is severely capped he wants to position himself to showcase all his talents. His big payday will come based on how well he preforms and he and his agent are doing their due diligence to find the place they feel will allow him to best opportunity to do so. Not a big deal to me, Boras probably has similar type demands of teams for his free agents.

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    Yankee Panky

    I wonder if these will/can be treated as binding documents in terms of giving Ohtani assurance that the team that signs him follows through with their outlined usage.

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      That is a good point, it is probably why he wants it in writing. They can include it as an exhibit in any contract.

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    Beth Wellington

    I also thought it was strange. However, given that wherever he signs, his initial earning potential is capped, I understand it. I’m sure it probably bristled some feathers within the Yankee organization though.

    Since we’re on the topic, does anyone know, do you HAVE to have a DH in the AL? If Ohtani were to pitch in a game, does someone HAVE to hit for him, or can he hit for himself, since he can hit?

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      I think you can choose to forfeit the DH. But if you do you can’t say later in the game hey I want a DH.

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      Yankee Panky

      Also, only the pitcher can be DHed for, so they could not make Romine the personal catcher of Ohtani with Gary Sanchez as the DH (hitting for Romine) for those starts, which would have been a nice little bonus.

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    Otani tells Yankees NO THANKS… Could be a blessing…Only time will tell.

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    Ohtani not being a Yankee is a big win for the Yankees. I wouldn’t want any player on my team that doesn’t want to be there.

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      I agree and lost respect for the Dog and Pony show he put teams through without any intention of signing.

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