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    I posted this on the WIN METHOD blog a few minutes ago. I’ve just been watching Hot Stove on the MLB network and this guy is bashing the stat frauds and their fake stats. He debunked WAR, defensive stats, defensive runs saved, defensive shifts, batter launch angle, pitching spin rates and others. WIN METHOD blazed the trail in decrying the fake, false, made up stats.

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    For what it’s worth, I think stats have a place in the game but I am still an old-school scouting guy.

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      There is no question stats have value. Stats can show power, speed, propensity to get on base, K’s, W’s, etc.
      But no man made convoluted formula stat can tell a players worth over another player. I remember going to minor league games with my dad and as a player came up to bat, my father would tell me ‘this kid will be a good one’ or not.

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