Ezequiel Duran

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    Yankee Panky

    This site was first on Ezequiel Duran (Pimpsner: ‘keep an eye on him’) earlier this month but I thought it was interesting that Kiley McDaniel at FanGraphs now has him as the 14th best prospect in the Yankee system.

    To the Pinstriped Prospects staff: how long until Duran and the rest of the 2017 international class get a spot in the rankings? Is there a big rankings update at a certain point or do you make fluid updates?

    To the other posters here: is it time to get irrationally excited about a prospect getting early industry buzz that the Yankees got on the cheap (Florial 2.0)?


    We are going to be doing an updated ranking in a couple of weeks. Now that we fixed the issues after the launch of the new website we are working to updating our player database as well as adding in the players we got back in the Rule 5 draft.

    As for Duran, I am excited for him right now. I got to see him in Camp and I like what I saw. The likely destination for him is the GCL but I wouldn’t rule out Pulaski or SI.


    Yankee Panky

    Thanks for the reply and looking forward to the updates!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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