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    New York Yankees Thairo Estrada during the MLB Fall Ball league All Star baseball game on Saturday, Nov.4, 2017, in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Rick Scuteri/AP Images)

    Estrada Making the Most Out of Every Opportunity

    One downside to the Yankees having such a talented farm system is that it is tough for all the prospects to have played and got a chance to improve their skills.

    For Thairo Estrada this problem is genuine.

    Although he is ranked as the No. 17 prospect in the Yankees system according to MLB Pipeline, he finds himself behind three other infielders that play the same positions he does.

    Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar, and Nick Solak. All of whom happened to be ranked inside the top ten of a stacked farm system.

    Which is precisely why Estrada must take advantage of every opportunity presented to him.

    This year Estrada when moved to Double-A Trenton at the start of the season he made what some players call the hardest jump of their professional careers with ease, hitting .301/.353/.745.

    But many people were still overlooking Estrada when the season came to an end.

    So, when the fall league rolled around, and the Yankees informed Estrada that he would be attending, he knew it was his chance to show the Yankees, and the rest of the MLB, that he is for real.

    And that is precisely what Estrada has done by having a tremendous fall to cap off a productive 2017 season.

    This fall the infielder hit .347/.388/.828 while driving in nine runs, stealing three bases and even knocking a ball out of the park for a homer.

    The secret to Estrada’s success has just been keeping everything consistent.

    “(I) didn’t really do anything different,” Estrada said through teammate and translator Tomas Nido. “Just stayed focus every at-bat, (took it) pitch by pitch and found success.”

    Not only has Estrada kept the same approach at the plate through the entirety of his 2017 season, but he also has not changed what he is trying to improve his game.

    “I’ve working the same thing I’ve been working on all season,” Estrada said. “Hitting, and defense as well. Trying to make those difficult plays, and hitting well to both sides of the field.”

    Looking ahead to the offseason Estrada plans to go back home to Venezuela, after being with the Yankees since 2013, Estrada has developed an offseason routine that he intends to stick to it.

    The routine starts with taking two weeks off to rest his body from a long grueling baseball season as well as to heal from any nagging injuries that have popped up during the year.

    Then Estrada moves on to weight and agility training in early December to improve his raw athletic ability before he starts working on specific baseball skills.

    Finally, around the middle of December, Estrada adds baseball specific skills such as hitting and fielding, so that come February, he will be ready for spring training.

    Estrada does not plan to work on anything specific in his offensive game. However, he plans to make a few improvements to his defense.

    “With my glove working on my backhand and to the glove side,” Estrada said. “Not going to change much, just wants to re-focus.”

    The reason behind this attention to defense is because Estrada wants to expand the ways the Yankees can use him.

    “Work on playing short (stop) cause that’s where I get (the) most reps,” Estrada said. “But I’ll be ready to play anywhere I get asked to play.”

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