Breaking Down the Yankees Top 100 Prospects List

Spring training is just around the corner.  Which means our new Yankees top prospect list is here.  Released early this morning we bring you the top 100 prospects in the Yankees organization and now we break down that list.

The Yankees top 100 prospects include 54 pitchers and 46 positions players.  It is no surprise the Yankees have graduated many position prospects leaving a large number of arms left in the farm and many more being added.

Out of the 54 pitchers on the list, 48 of them are right-handed.  Leaving eight lefties.

Of the 46 positions players on the list 22 of them are infielders and 19 of them are outfielders.  Eight of the infielders are corner infielders, with 14 of them playing in the middle infield.

Five of the infielders on the list are first baseman, eight are second basemen, six are shortstops and just three are third basemen.  The list also features eight catchers.

The majority of the players on the list are in the lower levels of the farm system, with just 34 players on the list have made it to either Double-A or Triple-A.

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