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    Tommy Kahnle with the Staten Island Yankees in 2010 (Robert M. Pimpsner)

    A Little Bit About Tommy Kahnle, From A Former Teammate

    Editor’s Note: Mike Recchia played with Tommy Kahnle during the 2010 and 2011 seasons while they were in the Yankees minor league system.  Recchia later retired from baseball after spending time with the Yankees, Orioles and White Sox organizations.

    Who is this guy?

    In 2010 this big, long haired guy came rolling in the locker room in Staten Island. “Who the hell is that guy?”

    His name? Tommy Kahnle

    I’ve known Tommy since 2010. Got to play with him and live with him ever since we started our professional careers. We got a house together in Tampa for spring, and boy was that a fun house. Those are memories that will last a lifetime.

    Tommy is the most charismatic player I have EVER played with. Such a fun, hardworking and sometimes…SOMETIMES, quiet dude. After you get to know him, he has a lot of fun, especially off the field and inside the locker room. On the field, he is always business. Back when we played together, Tommy never backed away from challenges. He was as talented a pitcher I ever saw. We were throwing partners from time to time.

    Tommy Kahnle is now back with the Yankees. (Robert M. Pimpsner)

    I never told him, but I learned a lot from him as a pitcher. Having the F-U mentality [on the mound] and I’m coming to get you bulldog approach. Watching and working out with a guy like Kahnle can only make you a better player. If you get the luxury of being his friend off the field, he will make you a great and happy man.

    I went out to play with the White Sox while Tommy started his big league career with the Rockies. As Rule 5 pick, I knew he would make the team. Just look at the guy; built like a brick house and can chuck it [High 90s Fastball]. He proved many people wrong. Not me, I knew he would be in the show since I met him. Then comes the White Sox…

    Tommy and I still talk as I write this. Last night I saw that he was traded. We talked a little this morning. I’m from Chicago; I’m a Sox fan, Tommy has been my favorite player ever since I retired. He left me tickets whenever I needed. Even would go out of his relaxation time to meet up with me on the field. We went to breakfast too with his lovely wife, Veronica. I missed the wedding because my wife was pregnant. Tommy would do anything for anyone.

    I’ve already written too much, but when talking about Tommy Kahnle, you can never write enough. You keep up the work big dog and the rest will come. Stay healthy, stay happy and most of all just stay you. You were a great teammate, roommate, and friend. Wish I had the chance to bring my kids to meet you. Next time. Keep it up.



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