2016 Season in Review: Nick Green

The Yankees acquired some big names at last year’s trade-dead line. But they also acquired several smaller under-the-radar type pitchers who might be on the verge of becoming legitimate prospects. One such pitcher was Nick Green, who was acquired as a secondary or maybe tertiary piece in the Carlos Beltran trade.

Nick Green is a player that the Yankees have seemingly wanted for years, as they drafted him in the 35th round of the 2013 MLB draft, but failed to sign him. The Rangers drafted Green the very next year, and for the most part, Green has looked rather pedestrian in their system.

He started the 2016 season as a member of the Spokane Indians, who play in a class-A short season league. As an Indian, Green posted the following numbers: 4.98 ERA, 1.369 WHIP, 3.22 FIP, 11.53 K/9, and 3.67 BB/9. Considering his age (21) and his past college experience you would certainly expect him to have better results. However, it should be noted that Green is an extreme ground-ball pitcher–71 percent of batted balls against Green were hit on the ground last season– so his high WHIP and ERA might be the result of poor infield play.

After-all his FIP was a lot lower than his ERA, and he did play much better upon getting traded to the Yankees. Green’s Yankee career began as a member of the Staten Island Yankees. He pitched 10.2 innings at the level. In that short sample, he put up an ERA of 1.69, a WHIP of .938, an FIP of 4.03, K/9 5.91, BB/9 of 2.53.

Green was then promoted to A-ball where he pitched 17 innings and showed the following results: 1.06 ERA, .941 WHIP, 2.28 FIP, 7.41 K/9 and a 1.59 BB/9. Green was nine months younger than his competition at this level, so it’s encouraging to see that’s it’s where he showed his best results. Overall, he had a good 2016 season, and he pitched 62 strong innings.

Green will probably start the 2017 season back in A-ball, where he will get an opportunity to start and prove that his post-trade success is sustainable and legitimate. Green still has some work to do, but overall he looked pretty solid and was a good acquisition by the Yankees.

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