Yankees 2016 Draft: By The Numbers - Pinstriped Prospects
First-Year Player Draft

Yankees 2016 Draft: By The Numbers

So the draft is over and there are some interesting trends that happened.

Draft by level

  • 14 HS/Prep players.
  • 23 College players.
  • 3 Junior College players.


This tends to be how most teams draft now.  Teams have shied away from high school players as there is more risk and less of a chance of getting to the majors.


State breakdown.

  • California: 9 players drafted.
  • Florida: 5 players drafted.
  • New York: 4 players drafted.
  • South Carolina: 3 players drafted.
  • Texas: 3 players drafted
  • WI: 2 players drafted
  • Illinois: 2 players drafted.
  • Kentucky: 2 players drafted.
  • Louisiana:  2 players drafted.
  • North Carolina: 1 player drafted.
  • Virginia: 1 players drafted.
  • Colorado: 1 player drafted.
  • Arizona: 1 player drafted.
  • Tennessee: 1 player drafted.


So the Yankees drafted the most out of California which should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the draft concerning the Yankees.  Damon Oppenmeier loves drafting players out of California.  He believe they produce and become MLB players.  There is a lot of belief in that as it’s a hot bed for talent.


Position breakdown:

  • Catcher: 3
  • 1st Base: 1
  • 2nd base: 3
  • SS: 0
  • 3rd base: 1
  • OF: 10
  • RHP: 17
  • LHP: 6


So the Yankees signed more pitchers than hitters.  What stands out is they drafted zero shortstops which is odd.  SS is the hardest position to fill and most teams take SS prospects because even if they can’t stick there they can player the outfield or on the infield.


Overall the draft played out very well.  We will have more insight now that it’s done.  Come back for that and for draft interviews with players who the Yankees drafted.

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