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Staten Island MiLB Team To Open Season June 19

The Staten Island Yankees may be no more, but the team will live on beginning June 19, 2017, under a new moniker as they take on their cross-town rivals the Brooklyn Cyclones.

The Staten Island, minor league franchise, will face the Cyclones total of 13 times next season including the regular season finale at MCU Park on September 9. Due to a change in the league’s scheduling format for the 2017 season, Staten Island will face every team in the New York-Penn League except for the Batavia Muckdogs, Auburn Doubledays, and State College Spikes.

Of the 76 games on the season schedule, 37 will take place in the McNamara Division with the Aberdeen Ironbirds and Hudson Valley Renegades slated to play twelve games apiece against Staten Island. The remaining 39 games consist of teams from the Pinckney and the Stedler Divisions, with nine each against the Lowell Spinners, Connecticut Tigers, and the Tri-City Valley Cats.

2017 schedule-by-the numbers

Games by team

Brooklyn Cyclones (New York Mets): 13

Aberdeen Ironbirds (Baltimore Orioles): 12

Hudson Valley Renegades (Tampa Bay Rays): 12

Lowell Spinners (Boston Red Sox): 9

Connecticut Tigers (Detroit Tigers): 9

Tri-City Valley Cats (Houston Astros): 6

Vermont Lake Monsters (Oakland Athletics): 6

Williamsport Crosscutters (Philadelphia Phillies): 3

West Virginia Black Bears (Pittsburgh Pirates): 3

Mahoning Valley Scrappers (Cleveland Indians): 3

Batavia Muckdogs (Miami Marlins): 0

State College Spikes (St. Louis Cardinals): 0

Auburn Doubledays (Washington Nationals): 0

Games by Division

McNamara (Brooklyn, Aberdeen, Hudson Valley): 37

Stedler (Connecticut, Lowell, Tri-City, Vermont): 30

Pinckney (Williamsport, West Virginia, Mahoning Valley, State College, Auburn, Batavia): 9

Home games by day

Sunday: 5

Monday: 6

Tuesday: 4

Wednesday: 5

Thursday: 7

Friday: 5

Saturday: 6

Home games by month

June: 4

July: 16

August: 15

September: 3

DayDateOpponentDivisionH/RGame #
MondayJune 19Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraHome1
TuesdayJune 20Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraRoad2
WednesdayJune 21Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraRoad3
ThursdayJune 22Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraRoad4
FridayJune 23Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraRoad5
SaturdayJune 24Aberdeen IronBirdsMcNamaraHome6
SundayJune 25Aberdeen IronBirdsMcNamaraHome7
MondayJune 26Aberdeen IronBirdsMcNamaraHome8
WednesdayJune 28Vermont Lake MonstersStedlerRoad9
ThursdayJune 29Vermont Lake MonstersStedlerRoad10
FridayJune 30Vermont Lake MonstersStedlerRoad11
SaturdayJuly 1Tri-City Valley CatsStedlerHome12
SundayJuly 2Tri-City Valley CatsStedlerHome13
MondayJuly 3Tri-City Valley CatsStedlerHome14
TuesdayJuly 4Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraHome15
WednesdayJuly 5Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraRoad16
ThursdayJuly 6Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraHome17
FridayJuly 7Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraRoad18
SaturdayJuly 8Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraHome19
SundayJuly 9Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraRoad20
TuesdayJuly 11Vermont Lake MonstersStedlerHome21
WednesdayJuly 12Vermont Lake MonstersStedlerHome22
ThursdayJuly 13Vermont Lake MonstersStedlerHome23
FridayJuly 14West Virgina BlackBearsPinckneyRoad24
SaturdayJuly 15West Virgina BlackBearsPinckneyRoad25
SundayJuly 16West Virgina BlackBearsPinckneyRoad26
MondayJuly 17Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraRoad27
TuesdayJuly 18Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraRoad28
WednesdayJuly 19Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraRoad29
ThursdayJuly 20Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraHome30
FridayJuly 21Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraHome31
SaturdayJuly 22Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraHome32
SundayJuly 23Lowell SpinnersStedlerHome33
MondayJuly 24Lowell SpinnersStedlerHome34
TuesdayJuly 25Lowell SpinnersStedlerHome35
ThursdayJuly 27Tri-City Valley CatsStedlerRoad36
FridayJuly 28Tri-City Valley CatsStedlerRoad37
SaturdayJuly 29Tri-City Valley CatsStedlerRoad38
SundayJuly 30Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraRoad39
MondayJuly 31Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraHome40
TuesdayAugust 1Hudson Valley RenegadesMcNamaraRoad41
WednesdayAugust 2Aberdeen IronBirdsMcNamaraHome42
ThursdayAugust 3Aberdeen IronBirdsMcNamaraHome43
FridayAugust 4Aberdeen IronBirdsMcNamaraHome44
SaturdayAugust 5Conneticut TigersStedlerRoad45
SundayAugust 6Conneticut TigersStedlerRoad46
MondayAugust 7Conneticut TigersStedlerRoad47
TuesdayAugust 8Williamsport CrosscuttersPinckneyHome48
WednesdayAugust 9Williamsport CrosscuttersPinckneyHome49
ThursdayAugust 10Williamsport CrosscuttersPinckneyHome50
FridayAugust 11Mahoning Valley ScrappersPinckneyRoad51
SaturdayAugust 12Mahoning Valley ScrappersPinckneyRoad52
SundayAugust 13Mahoning Valley ScrappersPinckneyRoad53
WednesdayAugust 16Conneticut TigersStedlerHome54
ThursdayAugust 17Conneticut TigersStedlerHome55
FridayAugust 18Conneticut TigersStedlerHome56
SaturdayAugust 19Lowell SpinnersStedlerHome57
SundayAugust 20Lowell SpinnersStedlerHome58
MondayAugust 21Lowell SpinnersStedlerHome59
TuesdayAugust 22Aberdeen IronbirdsMcNamaraRoad60
WednesdayAugust 23Aberdeen IronbirdsMcNamaraRoad61
ThursdayAugust 24Aberdeen IronbirdsMcNamaraRoad62
FridayAugust 25Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraHome63
SaturdayAugust 26Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraRoad64
SundayAugust 27Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraHome65
MondayAugust 28Lowell SpinnersStedlerRoad66
TuesdayAugust 29Lowell SpinnersStedlerRoad67
WednesdayAugust 30Lowell SpinnersStedlerRoad68
ThursdayAugust 31Conneticut TigersStedlerHome69
FridaySeptember 1Conneticut TigersStedlerHome70
SaturdaySeptember 2Conneticut TigersStedlerHome71
SundaySeptember 3Aberdeen IronbirdsMcNamaraRoad72
MondaySeptember 4Aberdeen IronbirdsMcNamaraRoad73
TuesdaySeptember 5Aberdeen IronbirdsMcNamaraRoad74
WednesdaySeptember 6Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraHome75
ThursdaySeptember 7Brooklyn CyclonesMcNamaraRoad76
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