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Pinstriped Prospects Scouting Report: Pablo Olivares

Pablo Olivares (Paul Pagnato III)

Player: Pablo Olivares

Age: 19, January 27, 1998

B/T: R/R

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 160

Affiliate: Pulaski Yankees (Rookie)

Pablo Olivares (Paul Pagnato III)

OFP: 55

Role: Below average player, role/utility type

Risk Factor: Extreme

MLB ETA: 2022

Pablo Olivares (Paul Pagnato III)


Pulaski Yankees’ defensive coach Dan Fiorito described Olivares as a “very hard worker, (with) great energy, and focus. He’s definitely a leader on our team”. Fiorito went on to praise Pablo’s maturity, eagerness to learn and respect for the game. Dan used an example of when Olivares went hitless, but was still smiling and ecstatic because his team won.

Pablo Olivares (Paul Pagnato III)


Hit – The numbers speak for themselves: Olivares is slashing .352/.489/.465 with four doubles, four triples, and 22 RBIs. He has walked 11 times compared to 17 strikeouts. According to Fiorito he “stays within his approach, knows who he is and that’s the biggest asset that he has going for himself right now. If you watch him during (batting practice) he’s not trying to crank homers, he’s crushing liners gap to gap.”

Power – Does not have power. Has only hit one home run to date in his minor league career. Don’t see him developing power as he progresses through the minors. Could maybe hit five homers in a season.

Speed/Baserunning – He is currently working on steal jumps and leads. His strides are too long right now which is slowing him down. He is a plus runner, very fast, and has good instincts on the base paths.

Glove – Very good defender, would categorize as plus. Makes it look easy out there, very smooth. Fiorito said, “It goes back to his work ethic, he works hard reading balls off the bat in batting practice and in drills.”

Arm – Slightly above average arm strength, is very accurate.

Pablo Olivares (Paul Pagnato III)


The New York Yankees signed Pablo Olivares on July 2, 2014 as an international non-drafted free agent. Overall, he is a solid defender with a good arm. The 19-year-old has a short, compact swing that bodes well for his style of play. He is a contact hitter who will hit for average, but does not have much power to go with it. Very lean and has a good solid frame. Look for him to put on 20 pounds over the next few years.

Pablo Olivares (Paul Pagnato III)

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