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No New Name for Staten Island Yankees in 2017

The Staten Island Yankees have postponed the name change until after the 2017 season. (Eduardo Amaro)

The Staten Island Yankees have announced that they will not have a new team name for 2017 after all.  In June, the team announced that they planned on changing their name after the 2016 and enlisted the help of Brandiose to help facilitate the process.  The name change is still on the table for the 2018 season and beyond.

Since the announcement, our organization enthusiastically devoted its full effort into the research and planning related to this endeavor, but over time it became clear that the approval and acceptance of the new name and artwork would take longer than initially anticipated. With that taken into consideration, we decided to table the rebranding process for the upcoming season and remain the Staten Island Yankees in 2017,” the team said in a press release.

In the initial call, the Staten Island team received over 2,000 entries in the contest and narrowed it down to five options including Staten Island Heroes, Pizza Rats, Bridge Trolls, Rock Pigeons and Killer Bees.

Since the 1999 inaugural season the Staten Island minor league team has used the “Yankees” nickname but recently the name value has worn off.  Attendance last season averaged just 2,250 fans a game in a stadium that has a capacity of 7,171 people.

We had a favored name, logo, and branding plan. We were prepared to move forward but encountered obstacles that unfortunately delayed the process beyond industry deadlines. These delays also would have compromised the quality of the product we aim to bring our fans,” said Staten Island Yankees President Will Smith in a press release issued by the team. “I always said that until there is a new name, we are the Yankees. That remains true today.


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