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Managing Editor

Primary Function

The managing editor is responsible for supervising the website’s staff and administering the day-to-day operations of the site. The Managing Editor acts as the Chief Operating Officer and will also be a model staff member. As well, the Managing Editor is expected to be on time, especially since the enforcement of deadlines is among his/her primary duties.

The managing editor helps the editor-in-chief in being responsible for ensuring that all stories are of interest to the readers of Pinstriped Prospects.  Must be willing to work with the RMP Sports Media, LLC. Senior team to meet goals.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Enforces the company’s policy and procedures, including deadlines and style
  2. Handles internal staff disputes
  3. Hires, fires and promotes staff members with the Managing Partner’s approval
  4. Handles telephone and e-mail inquiries. Forwards messages to the appropriate person


Candidates must have experience managing a team.

Organizational Relationships

  • Supervised by Managing Partner
  • Supervises all other editorial staff members, including department and section heads


Compensation is negotiable.


To Apply email your resume and writing samples to [email protected].

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