Dominican Summer League Yankees

2015 Dominican Summer League Yankees Players of the Year

Now that we are a few weeks past the end of the minor league season it is time for us to take a look at who were the top players at each level of the farm system.  Starting first with the Rookie-level Dominican Summer League Yankees.

The Dominican Summer League Yankees starts play at the end of May and end in the end of August.  The Yankees field two teams in the 72-game league that features some of the top international talent.  Players like Danienger Perez, Griffin Garabito, Jonathan Amundaray, Wilkerman Garcia and Brayan Emery each player in the league this season.

Let us take a look a look at some prospects who had an incredible year with the Dominican Summer League Yankees in 2015.  This is based on their season statistics and is not based on their scouting report.

Next up is the Gulf Coast League Yankees Players of the Year.




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