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2013 International Free Agent Class

Jul 10th, 2014 | By | Category: International Free Agents

Now that the Yankees are in the middle of their Int FA barrage I thought it would be worth while to look back on the players that signed and see what they have done so far in their debuts.

Leonardo Molina was the number five Int free agent available last year according to Baseball America and Ben Badler.  The Yankees had to wait until August 1st to sign him since that was t he day after he turned 16.  This works out well for the Yankees as Molina( No relation to the catching Molinas) is one of the youngest players in this class and will always be one of the younger players in the league as he moves up.

The Yankees were aggressive with Molina and sent him to the GCL league.  Currently he is playing on the prospect laden GCL team one with other top prospects.  Molina has struggled a bit as he is currently hitting .208/.300/.302.  But as I said above he is doing this  as a 16 year old.  Even if he repeats this level this won’t affect his stock long term as most Int Fa players go to the Dominican or Venezuela summer league instead of coming stateside.

Yonaruris Rodriguez got the 2nd largest bonus and wasn’t ranked by BA at all.  In their scouting report they said he was a slick fielding player with good speed and that his defense was more advance then his bat.  Rodriguez was sent to the Dominican summer league by the Yankees since he was rawer then Molina.    Rodriguez looks to be doing very well down there if you look at these numbers.  His slash line is .326/.444/.438 so at the eye test looks good but the problem is his slash line is almost all base hit driven.  Out of out the twenty nine hits he only has five extra base hits.    If his defense is as good as advertise I would expect to see him up to the GCL next year especially since the Yankees have two.

Frank Frias signed for $7500 last year according to BA and he might be the biggest steal.  So far since he signed last year and was older he went to the DSL and played last year.  He hit the ball great and showed a lot of athleticism in centerfield.  He hit .305/.434/.433 last year and so far this year he is hitting .348/.434/.457 and it seems playing very good centerfield.  While he is older I expect after this year the Yankees to start to be more aggressive with Frias if he continues to rake.
Those are the two big signings and one player who has broken out.  No pitchers really have done much that they sign which isn’t usual as they tend to take even longer then the position players to make it stateside.


I'm a Yankee fan living in Kansas City. Prospects are my passion.
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