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Porter Clayton the Yankees 21st round draft pick in this year's draft (Photo Courtesy of: Eric Evans/GoDucks.com)
Porter Clayton the Yankees 21st round draft pick in this year's draft (Photo Courtesy of: Eric Evans/GoDucks.com)

Get To Know Yankees 21st Round Pick Porter Clayton

Jun 9th, 2014 | By | Category: First-Year Player Draft
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Porter Clayton, was one of the Yankees many college pitchers, and is one of their more intriguing picks. That’s because he has not really played as much baseball as you would expect.

How did it feel when you found out you were drafted by the Yankees?

“It’s an honor. When I got the call from the Yankees area scout from here in the northwest, Mike Thurman, it was a special phone call because getting drafting and playing professional baseball has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. Receiving the call from a club with so much history and legacy is very special.”

Where were you when you found out?

“I was actually at the baseball field doing a workout with a couple of my teammates. All of a sudden I heard my phone ringing and it was Mike calling to tell me the good news.”

What player do you model yourself after?

“I model myself after former Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte. Obviously he is now retired, but he is a true competitor. I love watching his style of pitching because he is very passionate the way he goes about his business on the mound.”

What type of pitches do you throw? Velocity?

“I throw a fastball, change-up, and curveball. My fastball is in the upper 80s/low 90s. Change up is usually in the upper 70s and curveball is in the low 80s.”

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