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The New York Yankees selected RHP Jordan Foley in the fifth round of the 2014 Draft (Photo Credit: CMU Athletic Communication)
The New York Yankees selected RHP Jordan Foley in the fifth round of the 2014 Draft (Photo Credit: CMU Athletic Communication)

Get to Know Yankees Fifth Round Pick Jordan Foley

Jun 8th, 2014 | By | Category: First-Year Player Draft
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The Yankees 2011 and 2014, demonstrate opposing philosophies. In 2011, they drafted a bevy of prep pitchers, many of which they failed to sign. In 2014 they mostly went for college pitchers, many of which will probably sign. Of course this difference is impacted by the new draft rules, but it also shows that the Yankees draft strategy has changed since 2011.

One thing that hasn’t seemed to change since 2011, is the Yankees interest in RHP Jordan Foley, as he was taken in the 26th round in 2011, and now in the 5th round of the 2014 draft. Foley opted to go to Central Michigan, instead of signing, and overall did well in college.

I was very happy, that they got another shot at him, as he and Adam Ravenelle, were the two pitchers that got away in 2011.

How did it feel when you found out you were drafted by the Yankees?

“It felt awesome. Being selected by an organization like the Yankees twice is an honor. I was a little bit surprised just because you usually don’t see a guy drafted twice by the same team. Still hasn’t set in yet but I am excited to get things going and start my professional career with the Yankees.”

Where were you when you found out?

“I was at my house with my family when I was drafted.”

What player do you model yourself after?

“I don’t really try to model myself mechanically with any players but being in Michigan I get the opportunity to watch verlander and Scherzer pitch every time so I try to model them in how they go about pitching and how they carry themselves. I also enjoy watching Adam wainwright from the cardinals as well.”

What type of pitches do you throw? Velocity?

“Fastball, slider, split change. Fastball is 90-96, slider is mid 80s and split change is low to mid 80s.”

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